Dentist Removed Patients’ Teeth Without Permission

An Indiana dentist reportedly removed patients’ teeth without permission. Multiple patients have filed complaints against Amazing Family Dental for removing more teeth than planned. One man reports that, instead of pulling one or two bad teeth, the dentist removed all of his teeth.

Christopher Crist of Indianapolis went to the clinic to have three bad teeth removed. When the procedure was complete, he realized that all of his teeth were gone. Every single one. When he arrived at the clinic, Crist had 32 teeth in his mouth. The 21-year-old autistic man is disturbed as he is concerned that he looks like a “freak” without his teeth.

As reported by, Crist’s family contacted Amazing Family Dental for answers but have not received a reply. The clinic reportedly holds a current license and did not have any previously recorded complaints. Employees at the clinic refused comment, citing HIPPA regulations.

Lynna Scott, a dentist with another clinic, states that, in extreme cases it may be necessary to remove all teeth, but it should never be done without a patient’s permission.

Crist reports that he is struggling with an infection in his mouth from the removal of his teeth. The dental clinic has refused his family’s request for his medical record.

Sheena Cortez was having crowns applied at Amazing Family Dental while Crist’s teeth were being pulled. She relates that the experience “looked like something out of a horror movie.”

Cortez reports that she is experiencing problems with her new crowns. She has been experiencing pain and states that she cannot close her mouth completely.

Rose Hill, also a patient of Amazing Family Dental, describes a similar experience. As reported by, Hill went into the clinic to have one tooth removed. When the procedure was complete, she was missing all of her bottom teeth. Like Crist, she explained that she was not experiencing any symptoms from the other teeth. The dentist never alerted her to any issues. She states that the dentist removed an entire row of her teeth without her consent.

Crist reportedly had to spend two days in the hospital after the dentist removed his teeth without permission.

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