Howard Stern Receives Backlash For Using The N-Word & Wearing Blackface In An Old Skit

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Howard Stern is one of the latest celebrities to come under fire for past racist transgressions. According to Page Six, a video surfaced showing Stern wearing “minstrel-style makeup,” also known as blackface, and repeatedly saying the n-word.

To make the video even more inflammatory, someone spliced it together with a separate clip of Stern during a segment of The View, where he assured that he would never use that slur.

According to a source, the skit appeared to be making fun of another blackface performance from 1993, which included actor Ted Danson, who was dating Whoopi Goldberg at the time. Stern’s sketch aired as part of a pay-per-view New Year’s Eve special later that year.

The video shows Stern playing Danson while also talking to Robin Quivers, a black woman and comedian that has worked alongside the 66-year-old for years.

Even at the time, the audience was audibly shocked by his caustic usage of the n-word and the delivery of many racist jokes, but Stern defended himself by saying, “Whoopi wrote it!”

At one point, he could be heard calling Quivers a “‘smelly’ N-word.”

According to the article, “The point of the skit seems to be that Danson used Goldberg’s apparent blessing of his behavior as license to be freely racist.”

Steve Grillo, another long-time employee of Stern’s, spoke to Page Six to say that he did not believe that the former America’s Got Talent judge is racist. He explained his behavior as being so explicit because they had no FCC limits on pay-per-view.

“We’ve got the whole world watching — let’s push the limits. The leash was off and they were going to be rabid dogs.”

The video has been circulating among supporters of President Donald Trump, likely because Stern has been an outspoken critic of Trump’s. Page Six stated that even Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the controversial clip, and the video was also first shared by filmmaker Tariq Nasheed.

The radio personality has yet to comment on the footage.

Reactions on social media have been highly adverse, with many people demanding that he apologize and face the consequences for his actions in the video. Several people have also brought up Danson’s initial involvement in the sketch that preceded the parody.

That said, many others felt that Stern had evolved from his early days of shock radio and does not deserve to be “canceled.”

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon also received criticisms when an old Saturday Night Live sketch of him wearing blackface to impersonate comedian Chris Rock resurfaced online. Fallon has since apologized several times.

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