Bebe Rexha Strips Down To A Bikini, Then Nothing But A Hat For Cheeky TikTok Video

Bebe Rexha showed off her amazing bikini body in a video that ended with the "I'm Gonna Show You Crazy" hitmaker using a hat to hide her fit figure from view.

On Friday, the 30-year-old singer took to TikTok to share a piece of cleverly edited content with her 3.6 million followers on the app. The video began with a shot of Bebe in front of a pool. She was showing off her hourglass shape in a black maxi dress that clung to her curves. The garment had tank-style shoulder straps and a low scoop neck that exposed an eyeful of her ample cleavage. The word "OFF" was emblazoned on the bust of the garment in tiny white letters.

Bebe also wore a wide-brimmed straw sunhat on her head, as well as a pair of square cat-eye sunglasses with black frames and dark lenses. Her shoulder-length blond hair was down, and it looked like she was wearing little or no makeup.

Bebe struck a sassy pose with her right hand on her hip as the photographer approached her. She was lifting her fingers up to her lips as if she were about to blow a kiss when the camera zoomed in on her hat. When the camera pulled back, Bebe was clad in a colorful bikini.

Her stylish swimsuit included a bandeau top with a vivid floral print in an array of colors including pink, purple, yellow, and green. The tiny garment also had a silver ring detail in the center of the bust. The hardware altered the neckline to make it slightly lower, and it also created a sweetheart silhouette.

Bebe's mismatched bottoms were a bright coral color. They slightly scooped down in the front, and they had high-cut legs that highlighted the singer's shapely hips and thighs. She was also flaunting her tiny waist and toned abs.

Bebe acted like she was shocked that she suddenly found herself wearing the bikini, and she placed her hands on her body as if she were attempting to cover it up. The camera then darted to the left. When it returned its focus to Bebe, she was holding the large straw hat over her body. She took small side steps out-of-frame, as if she were naked behind the hat and trying to avoid showing too much.

In the caption of her post, the stylish songstress remarked on how it had been quite some time since she'd shared a video on TikTok. Unsurprisingly, Bebe's fans were thrilled that her return to the social media platform involved her getting "a little bit nakey."

"Thank you for making us smile," wrote one fan in the comments section of her video.

"I've never been so jealous of a hat!" another admirer quipped.

"You are simply stunning," a third comment read.

"I have no words," a fourth awestruck fan remarked.