Abigail Ratchford Shows Off Her Assets In A Sheer Jade Bra

Abigail Ratchford attends the PrettyLittleThing x Karl Kani event.
David Livingston / Getty Images

Abigail Ratchford tantalized her 9.1 million Instagram followers on Friday, June 12, sharing a photo of herself scantily clad in nothing but a dark green bra.

The brunette bombshell looked directly at the lens, her olive green eyes wide. She pursed her plump pout, showing off her pearly white teeth.

The low-cut bra plunged down Abigail’s chest, barely covering her buxom bust, which almost spilled out of the garment. The triangular cups, which featured a tiny bow in the middle, were entirely see-through and left little to the imagination. They were patterned with green lace and boasted straps that snaked down her taut and tanned midriff.

Abigail’s curvaceous cleavage was on full display, as was a hint of her underboob, which peeked out from underneath the bra.

Her dark locks cascaded down her shoulder and back in voluminous waves, covering half of her bust. Her tresses shone almost blue in the light, and one strand ended just below her chin, framing her face.

Abigail’s brows looked groomed, shaped, and filled in with pencil. She seemed to wear a swipe of black liner on her lids and on her waterline. Her thick lashes fanned outwards and curled upwards while her lower lashes appeared to be coated with black mascara.

The apples of her cheeks looked to be brushed with bronzer, which made her cheekbones pop.

Her lips appeared to be outlined with a mocha-colored pencil and filled in with a frosty pink gloss.

In the caption of the post, Abigail played a guessing game with her fans, promising to follow whoever got the correct answer.

Abigail’s followers flocked to the comments section of the post in droves, eager to tell the model what they thought of her look. While some fans solely commented with emoji, others opted to share lengthier messages with the star.

Some responded to her call to action in the caption.

“You are definitely number ‘1’,” wrote one follower, punctuating their comment with a flame, heart, a heart-eye emoji, and a smiley face blowing a kiss.

Others were enchanted by her irises.

“Killer eyes!” shared a social media user. “You look marvelous darling.”

Others still were wowed by the hue of the bra.

“This color on you,” wrote a third person, adding a heart-eye emoji to their comment.

“Just love the contrast in colour,” replied a fourth fan.

At the time of this writing, the sexy image racked up more than 55,000 likes and received close to 2,000 comments.