Bill Clinton On Twitter: There’s Nothing Sadder Than A Friendless Tweeter

President Bill Clinton joined the 21st century last night when he joined Twitter.

Of course, the former President needed a little bit of a push.

The Social News Daily reports that Clinton was talking with Stephen Colbert at the comedian’s Galactic Initiative and was convinced to make his own Twitter account.

Clinton said that he was hesitant to join the service because he’s a little insecure. Yep, smooth talking Bill Clinton was to insecure to join Twitter on his own.

Clinton said: “No, I’m sort of insecure. What if you tweet and no one tweets back. There’s nothing sadder than a friendless tweeter, right? You’re just wondering around in cyber space.”

Despite Clinton’s reservations, he agreed to let Colbert sign him up for Twitter. The comedian tried to get the former President a dignified Twitter handle like @PresidentBillClinton but all of the good names were taken. So, Colbert decided to use @PrezBillyJeff.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like @PrezBillyJeff is going to be utilized. Clinton was able to momentarily conquer his social anxiety when he was sitting next to Colbert in front of a room full of people but he has yet to muster up the courage to send a tweet on his own.

We’re all waiting Bill…

In the meantime, here’s the video from The Colbert Report.