Jena Frumes Stuns By Doing The Splits On Top Of Two Cars

One of the cars was moving as Jena performed the stunt.

Jena Frumes attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards at Prudential Center
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

One of the cars was moving as Jena performed the stunt.

Jena Frumes showed off her amazing flexibility by performing a stunt that had some of her TikTok followers concerned for her safety. On Thursday, the model took to the video-sharing app to share her take on a daring trick that was inspired by another popular TikTok star.

For her performance, Jena flaunted her incredible figure in a pair of dark blue leggings and a skintight cropped tank top that was a rosy pink hue. She was barefoot, and she was wearing her thick blond curls down.

Jena’s video was filmed in front of a house. Two cars were parked on the street in front of the building, and the model was standing on the vehicles. Her right foot was facing forward, and it was on the hood of a silver Rolls Royce. Another car was parked in front of the luxury automobile, and its trunk was popped open. Jena’s left foot was turned sideways on the narrow edge of the open trunk.

The cars were about two feet apart at the beginning of the video, but the front vehicle slowly began moving forward. This forced Jena to widen her legs further apart. She eventually had to turn her back foot on its side as she lowered down into a full split. The model then leaned forward to place her hands on her front foot. She tossed her hair back and gave the camera a gleeful laugh as she celebrated her successful stunt.


Jena’s video was set to the song “Loosen Up My Buttons.” In the caption of the upload, the model credited aerial acrobat Alex Kiedrowicz ⁠— who is known on social media as Flexy Alex ⁠— for inspiring her trick.

As of this writing, Jena’s video has racked up over 250,000 likes and 1,200 comments. One fan noted that the model’s front foot was sliding down the hood of the Rolls Royce as the other car moved, and Jena seemed to acknowledge that this was a tense moment.

“When her fooot slid down the car my heart dropped for a min,” the commenter wrote.

“Righttttt,” read Jena’s response.

A number of fans also remarked on how careful the person driving the car had to be, while others wanted to know what happened after the camera stopped rolling and Jena was stuck doing the splits between the vehicles.

“Not only can I not do this. I don’t trust anyone enough to be moving that car,” one remark read.

“How the hell you get down tho,” another fan wrote.

In response to the latter remark, another commenter suggested that Jena’s boyfriend, musician Jason Derulo, probably helped her get down. The model and the singer frequently collaborate on social media content together, including a funny video that showed Jena smashing cupcakes in Jason’s face.