June 13, 2020
Hanna Oberg Trains Her Lower Abs In White Sports Bra And Black Shorts

Hanna Oberg trained her lower abs in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a white sports bra and black shorts, the Swedish fitness model started her workout with an exercise she called "in-and-outs." For this move, she sat on an exercise bench and leaned her torso backward before extending her legs in front of her. After that, she pulled one knee toward her chest, lowered it, and repeated the exercise with the other knee.

Next, Hanna tackled a set of hanging bicycle crunches, which required her to suspend herself from a bar, raise her knees toward her torso and then mimic the motion normally used to pedal a bicycle.

Next, she lay down on her back for a combination of "V" legs and crunches. With her head raised from the mat, Hanna started the exercise with her legs closed and raised in the air. Then she spread her feet until her legs formed a "V" shape and lowered them to the ground. While keeping her legs off of the floor, she drew them toward her chest before repeating the exercise.

In the fourth and final video of the series, Hannah ended the workout with a set of toe touches. She assumed a plank position and then raised her foot toward her upper body. While doing so, she stretched her opposite arm downward and touched her toes.

The post racked up more than 15,000 likes in one hour and close to 140 Instagram users commented on it. In those comments, one fan called Hannah an inspiration because of how quickly she seemed to bounce back from her pregnancy.

"I'm almost 8 months PP you are my inspiration," the fan wrote, adding a flexed bicep emoji to the comment, "and you are WRECKING. I'm so happy for you!!"

Others expressed excitement about attempting the workout.

"Def gonna add this as a finisher for my next workout. Your workouts are always amazing," a second Instagram user wrote.

A third fan asked her about making time for workouts while being a new mom.

"How do you manage and balance between new baby routine and exercising in the gym," they wondered.

"I'm lucky to have my man working from home," Hannah replied.

While she focused on the lower abs in these videos, in her post from one day ago, Hanna targeted her glutes with a combination of deadlifts, lunges, and squats. In her caption, she wrote that this was the first time she'd recorded a video in a gym since the coronavirus restrictions had been lifted in her area.

"ITS TIME. I cannot begin to describe how much I've missed recording in the gym lol. for those who don't have access to the gyms yet, head up! I hope this video will bring you some motivation for when it's your turn." she wrote.'