Daisy Keech Owns The Beach In Tiny Two-Piece, Says It’s Her ‘First Time In Mexico’

Daisy KeechInstagram

Clubhouse Beverly Hills co-founder Daisy Keech has clearly been ready for the hot, summer sun for some time, posting a myriad of photo updates to her popular Instagram feed over the last several weeks in which she flaunted her bikini-clad body. She did so once again on June 12 with two close-up photos that showed her lounging on the sands of what was presumably a Mexican beach, with a brilliant skyscape visible behind her.

In the sizzling snapshots’ adjoining caption, Keech said it was her first time in the country and continued to say that she was excited for future excursions in support of her Clubhouse Explore travel initiative.

In the first photo of the slideshow, Keech sat with her knees planted into the sand and her lower legs and feet folded back beneath her. Meanwhile, she rested her hands on her knees as she posed in a stringy, dark bikini that left little to the imagination.

As she posed for the shot, Keech’s wavy, blonde hair seemingly caught a gust of wind and flowed off to her left as a result, blanketing her shoulder in the process. All the while, her blue-green eyes remained invitingly affixed to the camera’s lens and her pink, pouty lips curved into a warm smile. Behind her, hues of blue, yellow, and magenta popped to complete a magnificent ocean-side view.

In the second picture of the spread, the TikTok star and model struck a similar pose. However, in this shot, she had burst into a full-on smile as the wind had blown her hair across her face. As with the first shot, her slender frame and shapely figure were sumptuously accentuated by her tight bikini.

Less than an hour after it had first appeared on the feed, Keech’s cool pictorial had ignited on Instagram, getting double-tapped more than 150,000 likes and inspiring several hundred comments from her friends, fans, and followers (the latter of which currently number almost 5 million).

“HOLY HELL,” commented fellow Clubhouse member and Instagram star Abby Rao, a sentiment that was echoed by other members of the upstart content creation outfit.

“You are so beautiful,” wrote one smitten fan.

“The baddest chick in the game,” commented another admirer of Keech’s fine form.

Keech has been busy of late and, as a result, her feed is teaming with steamy pics. As shared by The Inquisitr on June 11, the 20-year-old posted multiple photos of herself while flaunting her curves in a sports bra and biker shorts.