Real Life ‘Jurassic Park’ Resort Being Built

Jurassic Park is making a huge comeback. Now that Jurassic Park 3D has hit theaters, with a new sequel in pre-production there’s a very wealthy man that wants to keep this spirit alive. Have you ever played in a backyard, imagining you were chased by dinosaurs? Ever wonder what it would be like to make all of your Jurassic Park dreams come true? One man is on his way.

Wealthy Aussie Clive Palmer is looking into building not one, but two dinosaur-themed resorts for fans. What will this include, you ask? It’s said that the mining magnate will be building life-sized dinosaur animatronics. For those that eventually want to visit this Jurassic Park-esque palace, you’ll have to rack up some flier miles if you aren’t from Brisbane. One of the resorts will be located in Brisbane, Australia at Palmer Coolum Resort.

How many dinosaurs will be in the resort? Will it really be worth the traveling dough? It looks like it definitely will be worth the extra buck for any dino fan. The resort will be home to 165-robo dinosaurs, which will include a T-rex named Jeff ( seriously, his name is Jeff), and an omeisaurus named Bones.

The second resort won’t be built in Australia, but instead it will call China home, and will house an additional 117 animatronic dinosaurs, with swinging trails, heaving chests, and blinking eyes. Sure, you can still see the lifelike T-rex at New York’s Times Square in Toys R Us, but these resorts seem to be on a grander scale.

Apparently this isn’t Palmer’s only movie-themed project. The man is also in development for a Titanic II, which is said to be a reconstruction of the ship down to the smoking room and grand staircase, and the three-class split. Surprisingly Palmer won’t be living the high life in first class, instead he wants to slum it in the lower cabin when Titanic II takes off. The man told The Guardian, “I will be in third class. I will enjoy it.”

What do you think about Clive Palmer’s ambitious projects? Is he a bored man with a lot of money or one with a lot of heart?