Lindsay Lohan Skips Deposition After Craving Sushi

Lindsay Lohan is no stranger to blowing off depositions and court appearances, and this week is no different. The Mean Girls star was suppose to show up for a deposition in New York City on Monday night, but she bailed.

It turns out that LiLo was in the mood for sushi at the Mure Fishbar on Mercer Street. Giving into her hunger and her growing disrespect for the court, the former A-list movie star blew off her deposition.

Lindsay Lohan is being sued after a paparazzo claimed Lindsay’s assistant him him with a car. The paparazzi member says the accident land them in the hospital.

Lohan’s attorney, Mark Heller, told the prosecution that he couldn’t get a hold of Lohan, which led to her failure to appear.

The deposition was scheduled weeks ahead of time, yet Lohan was across the country during the scheduled time.

While LiLo might be walking on thin ice with the courts, her attitude towards the law has not changed. Just ahead of her last court appearance, Lohan spent her time working in Brazil and partying.

Lohan is currently serving court ordered probation, and any run-ins with the law could lead to her arrest and jail time.

Perhaps Lohan chose to skip out on court and drown her sorrow with sushi. It was recently reported that Lohan broke up with her boyfriend Avi Snow:

As our own Todd Rigney reported earlier today, the actress is expected to show up for the premiere of Scary Movie 5and several other appearances. Lohan has been ordered by the court to enter a lock down rehabilitation facility on May 2. Unfortunately, Heller’s promise to place his client in a lockdown facility was defaulted upon since no such facilities exist in the United States outside of felony facilities.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan’s complete disrespect for the court’s will only come to an end if she is finally forced to serve some real time behind bars?

[Image via MyCanon / Wikipedia]