Stassi Schroeder Called ‘The Poster Child For White Privilege’ By Eve As She’s Blasted For Past Racist Actions

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Stassi Schroeder is being called “the poster child for white privilege” by Eve. The Vanderpump Rules star, who was recently fired for her past racist actions an comments, was blasted by The Talk co-host as the panel of the CBS chatfest discussed the reality TV scandal this week.

Stassi and her former bestie Kristen Doute were fired after it was revealed that they racially profiled former Vanderpump Rules cast member Faith Stowers by calling the police on her for a crime she had nothing to do with.

On The Talk, Eve was outraged by the story and she denounced Stassi’s Instagram apology that was posted within minutes of Doute’s on Sunday night.

“It is not funny to call the cops on anyone falsely, but especially a black woman,” Eve said on a video posted by CBS Press. “It disgusts me.”

The rapper and TV personality continued by saying that she isn’t buying Stassi’s written apology.

“I have read, you know, her statement, or her sorry, and I don’t want your sorry. I don’t think you’ve changed. I think you’re sorry you got your, whoever dropped you from your endorsements, and I think you’re sorry that you won’t be on that TV being famous for nothing. That’s why you’re sorry…She is the poster child for white privilege.”

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Stassi was previously called out for her privilege by one of her own Vanderpump Rules castmates.

After Stassi made racially insensitive comments on her Straight up With Stassi podcast in 2017, he co-star Ariana Madix asked co-star Billie Lee to call her out on it.

“I hope you school Stassi’s a** on her f*cking privilege because this bitch actually takes pride in being ignorant,” Madix said in a scene posted by Bravo.

Billie did confront Stassi about her comments, which centered on race and speeches at Oscars, but instead of apologizing the Bravo star got defensive. While she admitted that perhaps she didn’t articulate her feelings properly on her podcast, Stassi called Ariana’s claims about her vindictive. She added that she is not prejudiced, racist, or against any group of people and that she loves anyone unless they’re an “a**hole.”

Vanderpump Rules queen bee Lisa Vandeprump also defended Stassi by saying that she has seen a lot of negative things come from the former SURver, but that she never saw her display bigotry, racism, homophobia, or discrimination and that if she had she wouldn’t tolerate it, per Us Weekly.

Stassi, who starred on Vanderpump Rules since 2013 and was one of the show’s most successful stars, lost everything in the wake of the scandal. In addition to her lucrative spot on the Bravo reality show, Stassi lost brand deals, her podcast, wine line, and even her agent.