Chloe X Halle Rock Lots Of Racy Black Looks & Silver Nails In Dark And Sultry ‘Forgive Me’ Music Video

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Fans of Chloe x Halle finally got to listen to every song on the R&B duo’s sophomore album, Ungodly Hour, late Thursday night, and the sister act had a surprise for their admirers that made the release well worth the long wait. The Bailey siblings also dropped a new music video for the song “Forgive Me,” and its dark, dreamy vibe had fans comparing Chloe and Halle to late R&B icon Aaliyah.

Chloe and Halle Bailey teased a more mature sound on Ungodly Hour, and the sisters delivered on that promise. “Forgive Me” is an empowering tune about walking away from a relationship after being lied to, but doing it from a place of strength instead of sadness. Chloe and Halle chose visuals for the song’s video that went with the theme of burying the past and moving on, including shovels and a pile of dirt. Their video was dark and shadowy, but a green screen and flashing spotlights occasionally lit up the sets. Some scenes were filmed on a set designed to look like a wooded area with trees, grass, rocks, and fog.

The Grown-ish stars rocked racy looks to go with their more grown-up sound. Most of their ensembles were black. They included leather bras, shiny molded tops, pants covered with silver buckles, liquid leggings, and wrist cuffs. Chloe and Halle also rocked long silver fingernails with pointed ends. The shiny nails appeared to light up as the women moved.

Near the beginning of the video, the singers were shown dragging a man bound with thick ropes across the ground. He was left near the mound of dirt, where Chloe and Halle posed with shovels. In other scenes, the sisters performed with a group of shirtless male dancers and danced on a set where they were surrounded by moving spotlights.

As soon as the “Forgive Me” music video was uploaded to Chloe x Halle’s YouTube channel, the rave reviews came pouring in. A number of fans took to the comments section to compare the song’s sound to Aaliyah’s music and the video’s imagery to the movie Queen of the Damned.

“Yo I feel the spirit of Aaliyah in this (or at the very least the sound),” one fan wrote.

“Visually, this is giving me Queen of The Damned vibes. True Black excellence! I’m calling it; these girls are about to blow up even more,” another admirer remarked.

“Talk about a cinematic masterpiece. The black outfits are definitely giving me Aaliyah vibes! I love it all,” a third commenter gushed.

Chloe x Halle released a similarly steamy video for the single “Do It” last month. During an interview with Teen Vogue, Halle spoke about the sisters’ decision to shed their sweet, angelic images and embrace a more sensual, sultry sound.

“For Ungodly Hour we were so excited to just flip the narrative of being the perfect angel and show the other side[s] of us.…,” Halle said. “The dark side, the naughty side, the things that happen that you don’t see behind the scenes.”