Police Report For The Raid At Breonna Taylor's House Released, Lists Injuries As 'None'

The Louisville Police Department released the report for the "no-knock" raid at Breonna Taylor's house which resulted in her death, CBS News reported on Thursday. The report, which was largely incomplete, contained information that contradicted the known facts about the events of that night.

According to CBS' report, only a few of the fields on the form were filled in. The basic information -- the date, time, and location of the incident, the officer involved, and the name of the victim -- was listed on the form. In the section of the form that asked about any injuries that may have occurred during the incident, a box labeled "none" was checked, indicating that no injuries were sustained by the victim listed on the form -- Taylor.

In another section of the form, dealing with whether the police forced entry during the incident, the box labeled "no" was checked. One section of the form asked whether the incident had been motivated by bias and the answer typed in the field said "none (no bias)." Most of the other fields were left blank.

The assertion made on the form that no injuries took place during the raid was made in spite of the fact that Taylor was shot at least eight times, which resulted in her death. CBS News reported that the assertion on the form that no forced entry was used contradicted photos taken at the crime scene, which indicated that police used a battering ram to break down the door to Taylor's house. Taylor was asleep when the police entered the house.

According to CBS News, the police officers who filled out the form did not fill out the notes section, which would have allowed them to explain the incident in their own words. Officials within the Louisville Police Department previously stated that officers knocked on Taylor's door and announced themselves before trying to enter. They said that officers were met with gunfire and returned fire, resulting in the shots which killed Taylor.

Taylor's family and her boyfriend -- Kenneth Walker -- tell a very different story, CBS News reported. Walker, who was at the house at the time of the raid, said that the officers did not announce themselves. He stated that he believed someone was trying to break into the house, so he used his registered handgun, which he was licensed to use, to defend Taylor and himself. Walker's account of the incident is included in a lawsuit filed against the police department by Taylor's family.

Lousiville's mayor, Greg Fischer, tweeted a response to the police report, saying that the report was "unacceptable" and that it contributed to a lack of trust between the police department and Louisville's citizens, per CBS News.

The raid at Taylor's house is currently being investigated by the FBI, CBS News reported.