Demi Rose Flaunts Her Bust In A Skintight Black Dress On Instagram

Demi Rose Mawby attends the KISS Haunted House Party 2018.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Demi Rose stunned her 14.1 million Instagram followers with her latest video. The sultry clip, which she posted on her Instagram story on Thursday, June 11, depicted the British model posing in a skintight black dress.

The black frock dipped low on her chest, showing off her ample cleavage and buxom bust, which almost spilled out of the garment. It boasted thin straps that curved around her shoulders.

Demi first looked at the lens with a seductive stare in the selfie video. She held the camera with one hand, positioning it as far away from her body as she could, presumably to capture her whole outfit in the shot. She seemed to wear a serious expression on her face. She then panned the camera down her body. The clingy dress flaunted all of her curves, including a hint of her derriere. Her hourglass figure and toned physique were on full display and her intense gaze never wavered.

“The training is working,” she captioned the video, adding a smiley face to the comment.

When she moved the camera back up to her face, she tilted her head back slightly and batted her eyelashes. The corners of her mouth turned upward as she shot the camera a big, close-lipped smile.

As for her jewelry, Demi accessorized with a dainty silver necklace.

Her chocolate-colored locks fell all around her face like a mane. The straight tresses, which appeared to be slightly mussed, fell over her shoulders and down her back. Some pieces seemed to be lighter than others, with caramel highlights peeking through.

Demi’s dark brows appeared to be shaped and groomed, and they arched high over her honey brown eyes. Her lids may have been dusted with a charcoal shadow. Her feathery lashes fanned outward and curled upward in dramatic fashion, nearly hitting her brow bone. Her lids seemed to be swiped with black liner, while her waterline looked to be filled in with kohl pencil.

It seemed as if her cheeks were brushed with bronzer, making her cheekbones pop — especially when she smiled.

Her plump pout appeared to be coated with a reddish-brown lipstick.

As The Inquisitr has reported, Demi Rose frequently shares sexy snapshots on her Instagram grid and Instagram story. One of her latest photos featured a photo of the model posing in a bedazzled swimsuit that showed off some serious skin. Demi tugged on the strings of the bikini bottoms, which made the image even racier.