Australian Cosplay Model Kayla Erin Stuns Fans In Sexy Aquawoman Look

Kayla Erin takes a selfie in a white bikini top with clear straps.
Kayla Erin / Instagram

Kayla Erin sent temperatures soaring on Thursday, June 11, when she teased her 848,000 Instagram fans with a hot new update. The Australian cosplay model took to the photo-sharing platform to post a couple of snapshots that saw her transformed into a sexy Aquawoman.

The first of the two-picture slideshow captured Erin kneeling in the sand at a beach. Her knees were apart as she placed both hands against her thighs. She shot a fierce glance at the camera, opening her lips and pressing the tip of her tongue against them.

Erin wore a bodysuit with a gold top that boasted black details that created a scale-like pattern across the bodice, giving off Aquawoman vibes. It included short sleeves and a plunging neckline that reached to her stomach, putting much of her chest and cleavage on display. The bottom half of the suit was made of a shiny green material that reached up to her navel, just where the gold part began. The bodysuit featured high-cut legs that bared Erin’s strong hips. On her arms, she had on matching shiny green gloves with fish-like fins.

She wore a platinum blond wig, which was parted on the left. The front part was swept across the forehead to the right.

Erin declared in the caption that she hates sand, which is something she has to reiterate every time she posts beach photos. So far, the post has garnered more than 19,400 likes and over 75 comments. Many of her fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts about her costume. Many others, on the other hand, used the occasion to respond to her caption, most of whom seemed to agree with her sentiment regarding sand.

“Wow fantastic shoot with different stylish poses superb [OK hand sign] And beautiful costume [OK hand sign]. I love it. [You’re] crazy dear God bless you,” wrote one of her admirers.

“I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere,” another user replied.

“Hmm I agree. It is hard to clean it up if it is all around your body,” a third fan added.

“Aquawoman just stranded,” added a fourth person.

Erin recently shared another post of herself in a racy costume. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she posted a snapshot of herself rocking a racy Princess Peach ensemble as she struck a sexy pose. The cosplayer sported a hot pink bodysuit inspired by the dress worn by the popular character in Nintendo’s Mario franchise. The dress included short sleeves and darker trims throughout. On the front, a large bow substituted for Peach’s traditional blue gem.