Anonymous Targets Australian Gov. Over Censorship In Operation Titstorm

Anonymous has targeted the Australian Government today in a co-ordinated protest raid against Australia’s ban on small breasts and proposed introduction of Internet censorship.

The raid started at 8am AEDT (1pm US PST) and involves denial of service attacks against key government sites, spam, black faxes and prank phone calls.

According to The Age, several sites were taken offline this morning as part of the attacks, including and the website of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

At the time of writing (noon AEDT), Operation Titstorm remains ongoing, with Anonymous members continuing to target, although remains online. According to their live IRC chat, the attack may have started to wane due to a lack of numbers.

While I can never condone illegal activities like this, I remain sympathetic to their overall goal of highlighting the proposed introduction of totalitarian censorship in Australia.

Update at 12:07pm AEDT: still up, but very slow in loading, at least from Melbourne over an ADSL 2+ connection.

Editors Note to News Corp: the last time I wrote about a raid like this, you published defamatory stories suggesting this site was behind it; so just to be clear here: this is called reporting with some basic fact checking, something your organization is incapable of at the best of times.