Brie Bella’s Husband Says Her Sister Nikki Has ‘More Influence’ Over Her Pregnancy Than He Does

Barry KingGetty Images

Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella’s husband, feels like he’s out of the loop sometimes. In a preview for Thursday’s episode of Total Bellas, Bryan alleged that Brie’s twin sister Nikki has more say over his wife’s pregnancy than he does.

In the clip, Nikki suggested that she and Brie, who are both currently pregnant, hold a gender reveal party together. Bryan wasn’t totally sold on the idea, though.

“I can’t wait. You know me, I love planning parties. That’s why I think it would be so fun if we did it together. I was thinking we should do a dual gender reveal,” Nikki said in the preview video.

Nikki also suggested that the party could have a fiesta theme. Brie agreed, saying that it would be cute for them to hold the party together.

The sisters also explained that the theme has a special meaning for them because their father is so proud of his Mexican heritage. Nikki added that, unfortunately, they can’t invite their dad because he and their mother no longer speak.

Before the sisters got too worked up over the idea, though, Bryan interjected.

“Well, we don’t really want to know the gender. I thought we wanted to do a surprise,” he said in the clip.

Brie responded, saying that she thought they needed to talk about it. However, her husband held firm, saying that they already had, and had decided that they wanted it to be a surprise.

Brie then acknowledged that they had talked about waiting until the baby was born, but said that she found the idea of a gender reveal party very tempting. The former pro wrestler continued, saying that if she knew the gender of the baby, she could plan and prepare with her sister.

To his credit, Bryan seemed to understand that he wasn’t going to win this battle.

“One of my big problems in life is that Nicole has more influence on Brie than I do. It is true. It’s happening right now, right in front of us! You and I have spoken for hours about how we want a surprise and it takes five minutes of Nicole saying ‘hey, we can hit piñatas together.’ Sold!” Bryan said.

Previously, Nikki and Brie have discussed the difficulties of getting their husbands interested in intimacy during their pregnancy. Brie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, said Bryan was very weird about it the first time around. She then told her sister, who’s pregnant for the first time, that men often get weird about the topic during the first pregnancy.