Tahlia Hall Puts Her Cleavage On Display In New Instagram Snapshot

Tahlia Hall takes a selfie
Tahlia Hall / Instagram

Tahlia Hall took to her Instagram page today to tease her 525,000 followers with a flirty new upload. The Australian model posted a photo of herself showcasing her ample assets in a plunging cropped tee.

In the pic, Tahlia was photographed inside her home. It seemed like she decided to have the shoot in the dining area as she sat on a cushioned chair and placed her arms on the table. For her pose, she straightened her back while leaning slightly to the side. She looked straight into the camera with a fierce look on her face. Her tanned skin glowed from the bright sunlight that came in from the nearby windows.

In the update, Tahlia rocked a white cropped T-shirt made of ribbed material. It boasted a scoop neckline that displayed her décolletage. The tight fit of the garment seemed to push her breasts inward, exposing more cleavage in the process. It looked like the model wore a white bra underneath the outer clothing, which securely held her buxom curves.

For the occasion, she wore a full face of makeup. The application seemingly included a matte foundation, well-defined eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and thick black mascara. She also looked to have applied bronzer and nude lipstick. Although it was not very visible, she accessorized with a thin gold chain.

As for her golden tresses, Tahlia shared in the caption that she recently had her hair done at the Gold Coast-based Jasztav Hair Salon. She revealed that she went for a new color and added extensions. She also made sure to tag the shop’s Instagram page in both the post and the photo.

In under a day of being posted, the social media upload received more than 20,300 likes and upward of 300 comments. Many of Tahlia’s online admirers dived into the comments section and wrote compliments for the model. Most of them expressed their admiration for her beauty. Some fans didn’t have a lot to say but still wanted to chime in, so they opted to use a trail of emoji instead.

“I can’t deal with you. You are so beautiful! Your face can bewitch any man, I assure you,” one of her followers wrote.

“Those blue eyes are enchanting. I get lost just by staring at them. You are really something else,” another admirer commented.

“Look at those beautiful blue eyes, and those nice-looking puppies,” added a third social media user.

“Oh my! I feel so intoxicated by your beauty, Tahlia!” gushed a fourth Instagram fan.