Angelina Pivarnick Shares Video Of Plastic Surgery Procedure With Instagram

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Angelina Pivarnick shared her experience of a procedure done to enhance her buttocks, commonly called a butt lift, during a live video with her 1 million Instagram followers. Angelina has always been open and honest about the cosmetic procedures she has undergone. Posting this video was another way for her to be transparent with fans. The reality star shared the clip, which has been viewed 206,789 thus far, on June 10.

Angelina noted in the video's caption that she had what was called a bandaid butt lift. She also said she had some injections in her hips to fill in some dimples.

Angelina claimed during Season 3 of Jersey Shore that she had lost a lot of weight prior to her wedding to Chris Larangeira in November 2019 due to the stress she experienced in the planning and preparation for the event. She noted in the new upload that she was hopeful these procedures would enhance her figure.

The live video was taken in her doctor's office as Angelina lay on her stomach atop an examination table. Angelina was modestly covered with a white sheet. On her face was a mask. Her doctor was seen in the background and explained how he would assist the reality star in achieving her desired results. The actual procedure was not shown. Rather, all fans were able to view was a discussion between Angelina and her doctor prior to the lift.

The doctor seen in the clip, Dr. John Paul Tutela, was the same physician that Angelina applauded when she went under the knife for breast enhancement surgery in February of this year. In a caption to an Instagram photo in which she wore a white bra, Angelina remarked that she was very pleased with the results of her surgery.

In the captions of her almost-daily Instagram posts, Angelina regularly thanks those who have helped enhance her looks. These include her makeup artists, hairstylists, nail technicians, tanning specialists, and fashion stylists.

Fans of the reality star appeared to be divided regarding her latest share. Some voiced their opinion that she appeared to be addicted to plastic surgery. Others applauded her for taking care of her body the way she deemed acceptable.

"I love that you're so transparent about your enhancing procedures," remarked one fan.

"I hope this procedure makes you feel wonderful and love yourself more, even though I personally already think you are gorgeous!" said a second follower.

"Why don't you just exercise and stop the surgery. You may regret it later!" stated a third Instagram user.

"Naturally beautiful... why all the work?" questioned a fourth person.