Iran Nuclear Talks Fail, More Reactors And Uranium Mining Announced

The Iran nuclear talks have failed. As Iran celebrates National Nuclear Technology Day the rogue country announced plans for uranium mining

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the IAEA hasn’t been able to inspect Iran’s supposedly peaceful nuclear program since 2005. They have been trying to gain access to a site in Parchin, just outside Tehran, where the the IAEA has “long suspected nuclear weapons research is taking place.”

In addition to North Korea, Iran has been doing some saber rattling of its own. First, Iran and Pakistan started the Pakistan-Iran Gas Pipeline Project in defiance of sanctions. Iran also launched a destroyer into the Caspian sea, which was the first time Iran launched a major warship in the oil-rich region. The destroyer is a 1420-ton warship, is longer than a football field, and has surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles.

Now that the Iran nuclear talks have failed Iran is saying it will continue to seek higher-grade enriched uranium. The United States and other allies want Iran to “stop refining uranium to a fissile concentration of 20 percent as it represents a relatively short technical step away from potential bomb material.”

Iranian atomic energy chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani said the construction of new nuclear reactors may start this year:

“We have started the design of a 10-megawatt reactor and the process for determining the location is under way.”

Iran also announced the opening of the Saghand 1 and 2 mines in the central province of Yazd and a uranium yellowcake plant in the town of Ardakan in the same region. Yellowcake can be further processed into enriched uranium to fuel nuclear power plants. The good news is that Iran may be close to exhausting its supply of raw uranium.

An Iran nuclear site was also hit by a earthquake today, measuring at a 6.1 magnitude. Three people are confirmed dead, with the number expected to rise, but the nuclear power plant has reported no issues yet.

With the Iran nuclear talks failed, what do you think the United States should do?