Wendy Williams Gives Update On Her Show Via Social Media After Ending Virtual Tapings

Wendy Williams took to her Instagram and Twitter pages to inform her fans of the status of her talk show.

The 55-year-old host looked stunning as she sat in her home studio on Wednesday, June 10. She wore a pink, long-sleeved dress with black polka dots and a plunging neckline. As she turned from her chair to face the camera, her blond hair was voluminous and stopped at her shoulders. Williams also appeared to be wearing a bright, pink eyeshadow, foundation, blush, and lip gloss in the video.

After showing off her glamorous look, Williams explained to her millions of social media followers that she's eager to get back to her show in the near future. However, instead of her remote segments, she said she wants to go back to her camera crew, massive audiences, and guests. The mother-of-one also hinted that she now has some romance in her life months after officially divorcing her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, Sr.

"I want to go back to do our show," Williams shared. "Nothing makes me happier than being Wendy on The Wendy Show, you know what I mean? I got the love and the boyfriends and all that other kind of stuff, I'm in my house, but what I want most is to be with you."

Following her post, many of Williams' fans responded to her in a positive way. She received more than 200,000 views on her Instagram video, as well as a plethora of comments from supporters who were also awaiting her return to their television screens.

"We need you back!!!!" one fan exclaimed.

"We miss you! You look beautiful," another person chimed in.

"You look FABULOUS Wendy!!! Happy to see you!" a third fan gushed, followed by several purple heart emoji.

In addition to the positive remarks, several fans begged Williams to return to her show to explain where she's been for the past several weeks. As The Inquisitr previously shared, she halted the production of remote episodes for The Wendy Show back in May. She decided to tape episodes from her home after she and several other talk shows exited their studios due to the coronavirus pandemic.

After opening up to her audience that she wasn't taking quarantine well, Williams was reportedly also dealing with symptoms from her battle with Graves disease. She was diagnosed with the illness in 2018 and was allegedly feeling restless after filming, which caused her to step down.

Although Williams didn't share if she would be having any more Wendy @ Home recordings, Page Six reports that she will be back on the airwaves in the fall of 2020. The Wendy Williams Show was renewed by Fox Television Stations through the 2021-22 season on Wednesday.