Mariana Morais & Lauren Dascalo Flaunt Their Derrières In Black Bikinis

Mariana and Lauren filmed a video inside a convertible.

Mariana Morais snaps a mirror selfie.
Mariana Morais / Instagram

Mariana and Lauren filmed a video inside a convertible.

Mariana Morais excited her 731,000 Instagram followers on Wednesday when she uploaded a steamy new video to her account. She was clad in a skimpy bikini, and the TikTok star wasn’t the only one rocking a tiny two-piece in the slow-motion footage. Mariana teamed up with fellow model Lauren Dascalo to really turn up the heat.

The two social media sensations were both rocking black bikinis that showcased their pert derrières, but their swimwear styles were slightly different. Mariana’s thong bottoms featured a thick waistband embellished with silver grommets. The strap curved around her shapely hips to form the sides of the garment. Her matching top featured the same accents on its adjustable, belt-like shoulder straps.

Lauren’s bathing suit was a classic string bikini with an adjustable thong bottom that had ties on the sides. Her matching halter top had sliding triangle cups and a long strap underneath the bust that tied in the back.

Mariana and Lauren’s video began with a shot of the two women from the back. They appeared to be inside a convertible parked on a street lined with palm trees. The post’s geotag indicated that the footage was filmed somewhere in Beverly Hills.

The two women were leaning over the side of the car. Mariana reached back to grab her long, golden blond hair with both hands. As she lifted it up, she provided a clear view of her toned back. She used her right hand to hold her glossy tresses in a ponytail before running the hand down the length of her hair. When she released it, the ends brushed the top of her peachy backside as her locks swished across her back. Mariana’s tan skin glistened in the scintillating sunlight as she moved.

Lauren was also shown playing with her platinum blond hair. She ran her fingers through it and tossed it around before the camera cut to a front shot of the two models.

Mariana and Lauren were leaning forward to put their cleavage on full display as they shot flirty looks at the camera and smiled for their viewers. Mariana teasingly ran one finger over her pouty bottom lip before the camera panned up to the sky.

Mariana’s followers couldn’t seem to praise her collaboration with Lauren enough.

“I’d like this a million times if I could babe!!” read one response to her post.

“This video was so bootyful,” another admirer wrote.

“If they don’t raise your blood pressure, you’re dead,” a third remark read.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Mariana recently sent her Instagram followers into a frenzy by teaming up with a different model, fellow Clubhouse member Leslie Golden, to pose for a sexy photo shoot on the beach. Mariana and Leslie were also wearing thong bikinis in those snaps.