Jessica Weaver Shows Off Killer Cleavage While Giving A Talk On ‘Self-Love’ In Latest Instagram Update

Jessica Weaver takes a selfie
Jessica Weaver / Instagram

Instagram model Jessica Weaver recently decided to have a very important chat with her 9.5 million followers. Wearing a pair of glasses and showing off her ample assets in a low-cut top, the celebrity gave a talk about the importance of “self-love” when it comes to developing relationships.

The clip, which ran for more than three-and-a-half minutes, showed Jessica rocking a pair of tortoiseshell glasses that highlighted her beautiful eyes. Her minimal makeup looked seemed to include some dark mascara and eyeliner, as well as a neutral shade of eyeshadow. On her lips, it seemed that she was wearing a pale pink lipstick.

Jessica also wore a pale-colored tank top that was cut very low in the front. This showed off much of her ample cleavage and featured a drawstring in the middle to further emphasize her assets. Below that, she wore a blue skirt with flecks of different colors.

“Self-love is key to never getting hurt again,” Jessica wrote in the caption to the clip.

She then went on to explain that those people who love themselves first will not allow others that did not love them as well into their lives.

As soon as Jessica posted the video, her followers were quick to respond. Within two hours, the image had gathered close to 60,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

“That is 100 [percent] true. Love yourself and others will love you. Rag on yourself and think you are worthless. People will think you are worthless. Power attracts power,” one follower wrote in the comments section.

“It is so refreshing to see a very wise young Lady talk so candidly about loving yourself, I know just how you feel about Relationships and being hurt a Million times,” a fan said.

“Self luv is tha key,” read yet another comment.

While many were in agreeance with Jessica’s sentiments, others were more interested in commenting on the model’s appearance

“So nice so cute so beautiful my sweet girl,” a fourth person wrote, adding a row of heart emoji for further emphasis.

In addition, many of her followers used emoji in order to convey how they felt about the image. The most popular appeared to be the heart emoji but other popular ones included the kissing and fire emoji.

Normally, Jessica likes to post funny or sultry videos in order to entertain her fanbase, particularly while everyone has been in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, she recently showed a video in which she jumped up and down while wearing a loose-fitting negligee, with the item of clothing apparently defying gravity as she did so.