June 10, 2020
Lindsay Arnold Shows Off Her Baby Bump In A Red Bikini: '18 Weeks Today'

Dancing with the Stars professional dancer Lindsay Arnold is embracing the summertime weather by wearing a red bikini and showing off her small baby bump. On Wednesday, the DWTS star shared a trio of new photos on her Instagram page and her fans went crazy over them.

Lindsay revealed the news about her pregnancy about a month ago and she's posted a few baby updates on her Instagram page since then. She isn't due until November, but she is definitely sporting a bit of a bump already.

The geotag of Lindsay's new post suggested that she and her husband Sam are currently enjoying the sights of Lake Powell, Utah. In the first photo, she stood with her back to her hubby, snuggled up against him as his arms wrapped around her waist and rested on her baby bump.

The DWTS star and her husband seemed to be standing on a high rock ledge of sorts, with the water and rock structures of the gorgeous setting behind them. Sam was dressed casually, and both he and Lindsay smiled as they looked toward the camera.

Lindsay had one leg placed in front of the other as she kept her knee bent and her toes pointed. This position showcased her muscular, athletic legs, and the bikini top revealed a hint of cleavage.

However, it seemed that it was that baby bump that caused a frenzy among Lindsay's followers.

The other two snaps showed Sam and Lindsay standing in slightly different cozy positions. In her caption, the dancer noted that she was exactly 18 weeks pregnant now. She also teased that this was a "bump date."

This new post from the DWTS star received more than 20,000 likes in a mere 25 minutes. About 100 comments quickly poured in as well and people were tickled to see these new photos.

"And you can still see those abs...whaaat," teased one of Linday's followers.

"You are stunning mama," another person declared.

"Look at the cute little baby bump!!!" another follower wrote.

"Looking amazing cute little baby belly," someone else noted.

Shortly after revealing her pregnancy, Lindsay and Sam shared a video highlighting their gender reveal. The couple will be welcoming a baby girl this fall -- a bit of a surprise since the Dancing with the Stars regular had been convinced she was carrying a boy.

Considering how much fun Lindsay is having with this pregnancy, and how much she has shared on Instagram already, it seems likely that there are a lot more baby bump photos coming over the next few months. Lindsay's fans can hardly stand how adorable she looks with her little bump, and many feel pretty certain she'll remain absolutely adorable as she gets closer to her due date.