June 10, 2020
Elizabeth Hurley Teasingly Plays In A Bubble Bath As She Celebrates Her 55th Birthday

Model Elizabeth Hurley celebrated another birthday and she caused a stir amongst her Instagram followers as she did it. On Wednesday, Hurley shared a fun photo on her social media page and provided some insight into how she's celebrating this year.

Wednesday marks the iconic model's 55th birthday. Her fans are almost always stunned by how incredible she looks regardless of her age, but acknowledging her birthday this week seemingly generated even more amazement among her fans.

In this photo, Hurley appeared to be nude as she playfully lounged in a bubble bath. She had one leg raised, her foot seemingly resting on the white porcelain of the bathtub. She lifted both bubble-covered arms above her head and smiled as she looked directly into the camera.

She appeared to be wearing some gray tones of eyeshadow along with dark eyeliner and mascara. She had a bright pink color on her lips and her brunette hair was piled up in curls behind her head. She also had some long bangs framing her face, parted just off-center.

In her caption, Hurley noted this was the fifth birthday she and her close group of friends and loved ones had celebrated together during quarantine. Her son Damian recently turned 18 and her mother's 80th birthday prompted a quarantine celebration as well.

The model and her loved ones may still be social distancing amid the pandemic, but it doesn't seem like Hurley minded too much.

She noted she was grateful to be healthy and happy and she added she's got the best friends and family. However, she did also write she hoped real life would kick back into gear at some point.

Fans were anxious to show their love both for the bathtub shot and for Hurley's birthday. More than 11,000 followers liked the post in just 20 minutes. Nearly 600 people left comments to wish her a happy birthday as well.

"Happy birthday gorgeous," wrote one follower.

"Stunning sexy mesmerizing gorgeous beauty," one of Hurley's fans raved.

"@elizabethhurley1 dammm u r so gorgeous and beautiful," praised another person.

"Those bubbles are making me jealous!!" a fourth user quipped on Twitter.

Just ahead of her big birthday, Hurley posed on the beach while wearing a cheetah-print bikini. Her followers are consistently in awe of how she has barely aged in the decades since first becoming a modeling superstar. It doesn't look as if she plans to hang up her bikinis or stop sharing sexy Instagram snaps anytime soon.