Gallup Poll: Donald Trump Approval Rating Drops To Lowest Point In Months

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

According to a Gallup poll released on Wednesday, President Donald Trump’s approval rating has dropped to its lowest point in months.

Only 39 percent of respondents said that they approve of the president’s job performance, which marked the first time his approval rating dropped below 40 percent since October of last year. Trump’s popularity has decreased among all party groups. Only five percent of Democrats and 39 percent of independents said that they approve of his job performance.

Notably, the commander-in-chief appears to have lost ground among Republicans as well. The poll recorded a drop of seven percentage points among GOP voters. Eighty-five percent of Republicans said that they approve of Trump’s performance in office, in the lowest rating since September 2018.

The poll comes amid protests over the death of George Floyd and as the nation grapples to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Floyd died in the custody of Minneapolis Police department, after a white police officer pinned him to the ground and knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

Trump has been criticized for his response to the protests. The tensions culminated after he threatened to deploy military troops to crack down on the demonstrators. The commander-in-chief was also slammed for ordering security forces to disperse the protests in front of the White House so he could pose for photographs.

The poll also found that Americans are becoming increasingly critical of how Trump has handled the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Forty-two percent of respondents said that they approve of the way the president has handled the situation, which marked an eight-point drop since April. In March, 60 percent approved of Trump’s performance in this regard.

The virus has had a devastating impact on the economy and, apparently, on public perception. In January, 63 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s handling of the economy. By February, the rating dropped to 58 percent. In the latest poll, 47 percent of Americans said that they approve of Trump’s handling of the economy.

As Gallup noted, Trump’s “current level of approval would make another term as president unlikely, given the historical relationship between job approval ratings and incumbent reelection.”

“With five months to go before Election Day, there is still time for those ratings to improve and get back near the 50 percent level associated with incumbent reelection in the past, but also time for them to get worse and give the president even longer odds of winning a second term,” the polling organization concluded.