Body Found In Manhattan Subway Station On Sunday Identified

The body of a woman found on the subway tracks at the Canal Street station in Manhattan, New York on Sunday has been identified as 22-year-old student Emily Singleton. Canal Street is a New York City Subway station complex in the Manhattan neighborhoods of Chinatown and SoHo.

The young woman’s death has not been classified as a homicide. No official cause of death has been declared as police are still investigating to determine if Singleton was struck by the train or died under other circumstances.

However, investigators suspect the girl may have stumbled onto the tracks from the platform and fatally struck her head, reports the New York Post. They do not believe the woman committed train-assisted suicide.

Singleton was dressed in dark leather trousers and high heels when she was found, hours after she’d been out drinking with friends.

The co-ed was last seen leaving a bar in Greenwich Village around 1:30 am on Sunday boarding a train at the subway station at West 14th Street.

A passenger noticed her lifeless body about 12 hours later curled in a deep trough along the line and called 911. Emergency services officially pronounced the girl dead at the scene.

Singleton, a daughter of a minister from Downington, Pennsylvania, was a graduate from Bucknell University, and was in New York to live out her dream to become a successful actress.

According to her 85-year-old grandmother, Janet Singleton, the young girl had aspirations to be an actress and felt New York was a wonderful place to live. The two spoke every Thursday.

While awaiting her opportunity to appear on stage, Singleton worked in a clothing shop to pay for acting classes in New York.

The subway carries up to 1.5 billion passengers a year and can be especially dangerous as people have been fatally shoved or fallen off the station platforms onto the tracks. Others have been nearly killed, foolishly climbing onto the tracks in order to retrieve dropped items.

Update: This article originally claimed that Emily was a student at NYU, we have since learned that information about her identity was inaccurately reported.

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