Drunk Driver Calls 911 To Report Himself

A drunk driver called 911 to report himself. Matthew Devore, age 24, contacted authorities in Indiana after wrecking his car. He reportedly told the operator that he was drunk and shouldn’t be driving.

Devore was reportedly drinking while he played darts at a bar. After losing a game, he allegedly punched a wall and decided to leave the bar and drive around.

As reported by CBS News, Devore eventually lost control of his car and ended up in a median. He tried to get out of the median but realized that he had a flat tire. Devore then contacted 911, letting them know that he was drunk and had been driving. He reportedly asked the operator to send someone to get him off the road as he should not be driving in his condition.

Authorities on scene questioned Devore about his decision to drive after he had been drinking. As reported by Fox59.com, he told authorities that he was “sick of Indiana so he decided to go for a drive.”

Authorities tested Devore’s blood alcohol content and found that it was .09 percent. This is just above the legal limit for the state of Indiana. Thankfully Devore’s bloody knuckles were the only injury reported from the incident.

As reported by CDC.gov, latest reports reveal that in 2010, over 10,000 people were killed in accidents where the driver was alcohol-impaired. Over 200 children under the age of 14 were killed, as passengers, in alcohol-related accidents. Over 100 of those children were riding in the car with an impaired driver.

Those deaths were preventable. The CDC suggests that impaired drivers find a designated driver or call a taxi. They also remind others to be proactive if they realize someone is too impaired to drive.

The CDC offers a chart, comparing blood alcohol levels with “predictable effects on driving.” They have suggested lowering the illegal BAC threshold to .05 percent as research reflects increased impairment at that level.

Thankfully neither Mr. Devore nor anyone else was injured as a result of his impaired driving. The drunk driver’s decision to call 911 may have saved lives.