Carrie Ann Inaba Bursts Into Tears On ‘DWTS’

Carrie Ann Inaba burst into tears during a performance on Dancing with the Stars.

The dancing competition judge couldn’t keep it together while Andy Dick performed the Viennese Waltz. As the actor finished the dance, Inaba suddenly began crying.

Andy Dick dedicated the dance to his 15-year-old daughter Meg. The teenager was sitting in the audience as her dad performed the Viennese Waltz on stage. At one point during the performance, Dick was required to go it alone.

Carrie Ann Inaba fought back the tears as she delivered Andy Dick her assessment of his routine. She gave the troubled actor a hug before stating her opinion.

“It was so beautiful, like the simplest poem. What you said with those few moments was so beautiful,” the judge explained.

Andy Dick explained that he dedicated the dance to his 15-year-old daughter. He also attributed his success on the show to staying clean and sober.

“This has been the best year, because of sobriety. My daughter Meg is the apple of my eye. We have a super special relationship. She’s like a mini version of me,” the actor explained. “My troubles become their troubles. I’ve put them through hell.”

Even Andy Dick had a hard time fighting back the tears as he explained this special momment to Carrie Ann Inaba and the other judges.

Andy Dick Dancing With The Stars

He added, “She used to dance for me. At 47 I’m going to dance for her.”

The actor was originally approached to appear on Dancing with the Stars during the first season. He told Entertainment Tonight that he wasn’t in a good place “spiritually” to do the show. Dick said he was grateful that they gave him another shot.

He said of his experience on DWTS:

“I have grown more as a person in the last two weeks than I have in the last 10 years. The old me would have quit within the first few hours. But I got through those tough days and now I feel like I can almost do anything. I feel like even if I’m the first one voted off, I’m already a changed man and have gotten everything out of this experience that I needed.”

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