‘Tiger King’s’ Dillon Passage Says His ‘Heart Is Breaking’ Over Joe Exotic’s Sad Letter About Their Marriage

The Netflix star vows to stand by his husband even if he can't contact him.

Tiger King star Joe Exotic

The Netflix star vows to stand by his husband even if he can't contact him.

Dillon Passage says he is saddened by how his husband, Joe Exotic, is being treated in prison and how he is unable to see the many letters he has sent him. Hours after the Tiger King star penned an emotional letter in which he urged fans to stop taunting him with photos of his husband out partying, Dillon spoke out to set the record straight.

In a new Instagram post, Dillon captioned a photo of him cuddling with a small animal as he revealed that he is “outraged” over Joe’s update about his conditions at a Texas prison. He also said that his “heart is breaking” over the fact that his husband is unaware that he has been trying to contact him.

In his post, Dillon wrote that he loves Joe and is “standing by him.” He explained that the photos he posts on his social media pages are a “highlight reel” of what is going on in his life. Fans recently saw photos of Dillon’s trip to Los Angeles where he partied with Too Hot to Handle star Harry Jowsey and other new friends. He has also posted pictures at the beach and on a boat.

While they do get to see him having fun, Dillon added that what fans don’t get to see are the many hours that he is “alone at home” missing his husband. The Netflix personality, who married Joe in 2017, also made it clear that he has been writing letters to his husband and that “it’s a shame” he hasn’t been receiving them.

Dillon explained that with Joe currently in isolation due to COVID-19 concerns, the amount of mail he is allowed to read is limited. The 24-year-old also wrote that he hopes this message reaches his husband as he vowed that he continues to fight for him every day.

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My heart is breaking after reading Joe’s letter ???? He is living in hell right now and I’m outraged by the way he is being treated. I can’t even begin to imagine how that is breaking his spirit. I love Joe and I’m standing by him. The photos that I post on here are a highlight reel of my life… What you don’t see are the hours that I’m alone at home, missing my husband and my friend. I’ve been writing letters and it is a shame to hear that he isn’t receiving them… I know they limit the amount he can read in a week and I only hope they eventually get to him. Joe, I hope that this reaches you too. Know that I love you and I’m fighting for you everyday. #freejoeexotic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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On Instagram, when one fan asked Dillon when was the last time talked to Joe, he replied that he’s “only able to speak with him now when he has a call with attorneys.”

In a letter Joe wrote to his supporters and obtained by TMZ, the former zookeeper accused his husband of abandoning him because he hasn’t received any letters from him. Instead, the Tiger King star said he received plenty of pics of Dillon out partying with his new friends, which made him wonder if he’s even married anymore.

Joe also detailed the horrific conditions he is living in as he serves a 22-year sentence murder-for-hire plot and wildlife violations. The Tiger King star predicted he will be dead in two to three months as he alleged that he is not being cared for properly in prison.