Lea Michele Developed Reputation For Bad Behavior In The Past, Beauty Industry Insider Claims

Lucille Barilla

Lea Michele developed a reputation for bad behavior in the past, claimed a beauty industry insider to Page Six. The former Glee and Scream Queens star, who has come under fire for the past week over allegations of not-so-nice behavior toward those she has worked with, is now facing claims by beauty insiders that seem to support that opinion in the industry.

The actress, 33, had recently been caught up in a firestorm of comments from former co-workers on social media, many calling out the actress for claims of unsavory behavior.

"All the questions and answers were agreed [on] in advance, she just had to answer five questions on camera about her hair routine to a crew hired by L'Oréal. But two questions in, Lea just stood up, said she was done and walked out, leaving everyone standing there in shock. The head of L'Oréal asked if she was coming back, and her mother said, 'No, she's not,' " stated an insider to Page Six.

Another person quoted in the story, who claimed to be there that same day, stated they did not witness any difficult behavior from Lea. Just one year later, Lea was replaced by L'Oréal with actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Lea had been in the center of a firestorm for her reported past actions toward former Glee co-stars Heather Morris and Samantha Ware.

An actress from the theater world, where Lea got her start in show business, also made a similarly-toned statement against her. Lea's former Ragtime understudy Elizabeth Aldrich claimed the actress, only 12 at the time of her starring role in the aforementioned play, made her cry. Elizabeth also claimed in a tweet that Lea's actions continued when she was cast in the musical Spring Awakening.