TikTok Contortionist Sofie Dossi Stuns As Kelianne Stankus Does A Handstand On Her Stomach

Contortionist Sofie Dossi amazed her 6.6 million TikTok followers by showing off her strength and flexibility in a viral video. The former America's Got Talent competitor teamed up with gymnast Kelianne Stankus to perform the impressive stunt, and their collaboration has already earned Sofie over 1 million likes.

Sofie shared the short clip on her TikTok account on Monday. The 18-year-old social media sensation was shown doing a handstand at the beginning of the video. However, the camera had been flipped so that her face appeared to be right-side up. This also made it look like her thick, strawberry blond curls were standing straight up. For her performance, Sofie wore a pair of black high-waisted leggings and a red wraparound top over a matching camisole with lace trim.

Sofie was initially only visible from the waist up. She flashed a smile at the camera as she lip-synced the spoken intro to the Chris Brown song "Look At Me Now."

"I don't see how you can hate from outside of the club. You can't even get in," the singer said as Sofie mouthed along.

The camera then pulled back to show Sofie's full body. She quickly did the splits and brought her legs down from the handstand position so that she was doing a backbend. Kelianne suddenly rushed forward from out-of-frame and placed her hands on Sofie's hipbones. The gymnast then stepped on Sofie's crotch and lifted herself up so that she was doing a handstand with her legs bent in a double-stag pose.


In the comments section of her video, Sofie received praise from Kelianne. The acrobat seemed to suggest that Sofie makes a better base to balance on than other athletes she has worked with.

"Finally someone that doesn't drop me," Kelianne quipped.

The compliments from viewers also came flooding in. Since it was initially uploaded, Sofie and Kelianne's video has received over 5,000 comments. Many fans remarked on how the two gymnasts make a great team.

"A new duo that I didn't know I needed," read one response to the video.

"Why are you so talented," another fan remarked.

"Both of you are amazing! Wow," a third admirer gushed.

A large number of commenters also noticed that the setting of Sofie's video appeared to be the new home of members of The Hype House, a collective of content creators that includes Addison Rae Easterling, Avani Gregg, Chase Hudson, and Tony Lopez. Many fans asked Sofie if she has joined the group, but she didn't respond to their queries.

As reported by Just Jared, Sofie rose to fame when she finished in the top 10 on the 2016 season of America's Got Talent, which was won by musician Grace VanderWaal.