Intel’s Thunderbolt Technology Now Pushes Speeds To 20Gbps With 4K Video Transfers

Intel’s Thunderbolt technology received an upgrade on Monday when the company announced a brand new interface for the hardware. Thunderbolt has doubled its transfer speeds to 20 Gbps upstream and downstream.

Intel showed off its improved Thunderbolt technology during a booth display at this weeks National Association of Broadcasters expo.

Codenamed Falcon Ridge the next generation Thunderbolt controller will also support 4K video file transfers while simultaneously displaying 4K outputs.

While compressed 4k formats can be supported by current 10 Gbps transfer rates, uncompressed 4K formats could have spelled display trouble for the Intel controller.

Along with the Thunderbolt reveal, Intel also announced new Redwood Ridge Thunderbolt controllers for its fourth-generation Core-series processors. The new controllers offer DisplayPort 1.2 capabilities while providing better power management and a smaller component size. As a bonus to resellers and customers, the new improved setup is also cheaper.

The new controller also offers thinner electrical cables, which complements its lower power capacity.

Intel is hoping to have its Falcon Ridge technology reading for shipping before the end of 2013 with a full shipping schedule slated for the start of 2014.

Here’s a quick demo for the most recent generation of Intel’s Thunderbolt tech:

There is some good news for current generation users: The new Intel Thunderbolt technology is backwards compatible with already available technology.

Intel says its new thinner cables are coming soon but has not announced pricing or ship dates.

Pricing and exact ship dates for the actual controller have not been revealed at this time.

Are you ready to speed up your data transfers while watching uncompressed 4K video output courtesy of the Intel Thunderbolt controller technology?