‘Lego Batman 2’ Coming to Wii U In May

Lego Batman 2 is finally coming to the Wii U. There had been talk about the title finally getting enhanced and being made into a Wii U title, and now there appears to be an official date.

While the title was originally given the vaguest of vague “coming this spring” titles, most of the major retailers who will actually be selling the game seem to agree that May 21 is when Wii U owners can actually go ahead and purchase it.

This is fairly good news for a gaming system that is in desperate need of good news. While the consoles sales have started to pick up, those sales numbers still haven’t been anything that would allow them to compete with the big boys.

Microsoft and Sony are the kings of console gaming and Nintendo is pulling up the rear despite having the newest console.

They distance between those two companies and Nintendo is likely only going to get bigger when the next gen consoles are on the market.

Lego Batman 2 is one of those games that could help bridge the gap between the consoles at least for a little while. This isn’t a game like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, a game that is exclusive to Nintendo but at least it won’t be available on other devices and not the Wii U.

One of the reasons that this particular game has taken so long to get to the Wii U is because there actually needs to be some enhancing in order to play right on this particular game system.

The game will be made so that it can be played on the off-screen game pad, be able to respond to touch screen controls and will have a couple of new maps.

Do you think that the release of Lego Batman 2 on the Nintendo Wii U will help its sales?