Video From Seattle Shows Man Driving Car Into Crowd Of Protesters, Shooting Man Who Tried To Disarm Him

Video from a protest in Seattle showed a car speeding through a large group of demonstrators before the driver appeared to shoot a protester who tried to disarm him.

The incident took place during Sunday evening's protest in downtown Seattle, where thousands gathered to call for justice for George Floyd and an end to systemic racism. As reported, a man drove a car into a large group of protesters at the intersection of 11th Avenue and Pine Street before getting out and brandishing a gun. He then ran through the crowd of people.

As the report noted, the man shot a protester who tried to take his gun away. The Seattle Fire Department later tweeted that the victim was taken to nearby Harborview Medical Center.

Video of the Seattle protest shooting captured viral attention, with many at the scene sharing video. This included one video that showed medics walking the shooting victim away from the scene while tending to his wounded arm. As he walked, the man explained that he was trying to protect protesters when he ran to the driver's side window of the car and punched the driver in the face.

Later video showed police detaining the alleged shooter. Others at the scene, including one who said he was marching with the unnamed victim and called the shooting a "terrorist act," said the gunshot victim had been taking part in the protest.
As the report noted, the shooting incident came after a long day of protesting, which was met by a heavy police presence.

"Hundreds of protesters were in the crowd, with Seattle police officers and members of the National Guard on the other side of a barricade that has been on the street since last weekend. From Capitol Hill to South Seattle, community members had been out all day protesting against racism and police brutality in the wake of the George Floyd killing last month in Minneapolis."

The incident came several days after a tanker sped through a crowd of protesters on a bridge in Minneapolis, nearly striking several before coming to a stop. Police later said that the incident was an accident, with the driver not being aware that the highway had been closed due to the protest taking place there.

Police have not yet released details of the shooting at Seattle's protest on Sunday, including the identity of the alleged shooter or the victim.