‘Origami Condoms’ Exist, Are Exactly What They Sound Like [Video]

Quick, get Bill Gates on the horn! Some innovative inventor has finally built a better condom! Well, the jury is out on “better” (since they’re not available for testing), but we’ll definitely give the Origiami Condom “different” for now.

In all fairness to creator Danny Resnic and his business Origami Condoms, the condom is a pretty tough cookie to crack (no pun intended, don’t you dare). After all, its awkward and straightforward design has remained pretty unchanged for decades… almost a century, really (we don’t count “flavors”).

Any innovation is welcome, and we have to applaud Resnic for putting his thinking cap on and trying for a new condom, even if its look and concept might take some getting used to.

To wit, the origami condom is… well… exactly what it sounds like. Condoms are folded instead of rolled (go on…) and are said to fit loosely. Not the kind of loosely that leads to “accidents,” but the kind that increases sensation and allows for more movement.

The biggest appeal to the new condom is also the material. Origami condoms are made from silicone instead of latex (way more resistant to breaking), which was crucial to Resnic’s design, since he was infected with HIV after a latex condom he used broke.

They’re also working on an origami version of the female condom as well as the very first condom designed solely for anal sex.

Price-wise, the origami condom is almost certainly going to cost more than today’s prophylactics, though the company hasn’t set a price point yet. But, people in the test group (awesome job) said that they were willing to pay over $7 a piece for these babies.

“It’s a shift from protection to pleasure. Our focus is on making condom experience more pleasurable than anyone imagined possible,” said Resnic. “We almost didn’t want to call it a condom.”

The only downside? You’re going to have to wait until at least 2015 to test origami condoms out, as they’re still going through clinical trials.

Here’s a demo video for Origami Condoms. I’m not sure if this is technically NSFW, but do you really want to be the guy caught by his boss watching condoms stroked onto colored dildos?

ORIGAMI vs. Latex Condom from ORIGAMI Condoms on Vimeo.