Chris Webber, Other ‘Fab Five’ Members Spotted At NCAA Title Game

Atlanta, GA – Chris Webber and three other members of Michigan’s “Fab Five” have made an appearance at the Georgia Dome for today’s NCAA title game.

Webber, who showed up at the arena wearing a Michigan beanie, was reportedly warmly received by Michigan fans.

His appearance comes after years of division between Webber and the university. With Webber’s involvement in the Michigan booster scandal, his refusal to take part in the Fab Five documentary, not to mention 1993’s infamous timeout that never was, the bond between the former NBA star and Michigan always felt strained, to say the least.

Yet all those bad feelings seemed to be washed away on Monday. Taking to Twitter, Webber explained he was attending the game due to his close relationship with the Wolverines’ current cast of players:

“I’m here at the Georgia Dome to show my support for the Michigan men’s basketball team in its quest for a National Championship. I’ve known some of the players on the team since they were kids and I am excited for them and all of the student athletes on the court tonight who are wearing the Michigan uniform. It has been a great season and I wish them all the best.”

There was much speculation about whether Webber would attend Michigan’s first NCAA title game since that fateful 1993 fixture.

In a recent interview with ESPN Grantland‘s Bill Simmons, fellow “Fab Five” member Jalen Rose urged Webber to join he and the other members of the Fab Five at the National Championship game:

Judging by the picture at the top of this article, the famous group – regarded by many as the greatest class ever recruited – made space in their diaries.

It seems the hatchet has now been well and truly buried. Now all this story needs is a happy ending, and that might just happen: At the time of writing, Michigan are enjoying a 38-37 halftime lead over Louisville.