Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Flaunts Her Curvy Figure In A Form-Fitting Brown Dress

Madison Lennon

Instagram model Lucy Robson showed off her curvy figure in a form-fitting brown dress while posing outdoors in her latest snap.

In the pic, Lucy rocked a low-cut, V-neck ensemble that showed off some of her ample cleavage and the silhouette of her breasts through the fabric. With a collared top, the outfit made her look both sexy and classy.

The quarter sleeves allowed her to display her shapely arms, one of which held the top of her golf club, which balanced on its handle beside her. It was tucked inside of a gold, skull-patterned golf club cover.

Her dress perfectly hugged her trim middle, accentuated the swell of her hips before reaching the bunched skirt that hinted at her toned legs beneath.

To add to her overall elegant attire, Lucy opted for a delicate silver chain necklace with a dainty pendant at its center. She tied her hair into a cute french braid that draped across her shoulder and was held together with a dark brown hair tie. Her side bangs were left loose to frame her face.

The outfit called for a minimal amount of makeup, so Lucy kept her application light, opting for pink colors to create a sweet and flirtatious look. She appeared to have used a berry-colored lipstick to stain her full lips. It also looked like she had rouged her cheeks with a light pink shade of blush.

Lucy seemed to use mascara and a touch of eyeliner to define her almond-shaped eyes. It looked like she had also carefully groomed her eyebrows.

The stunner faced the camera head-on with a small smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth. She did not reveal the exact location where the image was taken, but it looked to be outside, potentially on the golf green. She stood in front of a large bunch of foliage defined by small green leaves with white borders.

Her admirers seemed to like the pic as it did not take long for her post to garner over 27,400 likes and more than 500 comments.

"Easily the most beautiful women in the world. And can kick my a** on the gc!!!" raved one fan.

"@lucyrobson definitely match play, you're never beaten until you walk off the last green you play. Plus I don't lose many match play games," chimed in another.