WWE Rumors: Update On How Jaxson Ryker Controversy Has Been Received Backstage

WWE superstar Jaxson Ryker caused outrage earlier this week after he took to social media to share his support of Donald Trump's handling of the Black Lives Matter protests. This also resulted in several racially insensitive social media posts of Ryker's resurfacing. The Friday Night SmackDown superstar reportedly has backstage heat as a result, but some of his colleagues seem willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

As reported by WrestlingNews.co, several WWE superstars are reportedly looking forward to seeing Ryker again. One star told the outlet that Ryker's comments and views are misguided, but he doesn't think that he said anything that's unforgivable.

"He's a good guy and I don't think he's racist. I just think he grew up in a different environment and [he] didn't have to deal with racism so he doesn't get it. I hope he seeks out someone who can educate him on why people are outraged."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ryker called the Black Lives Movement "garbage," and a photo of him dressed as a "soul man" -- in which he sported a tan -- also re-emerged online. He has received criticism from several WWE superstars and legends -- including Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Mustafa Ali and Dave Bautista -- since then, all of whom have either directly or indirectly lambasted his views.

However, the report also states that there are several people in WWE who aren't bothered about Ryker's comments, as they're also fans of the president. This includes the McMahon family, who are involved in Trump's re-election campaign. Linda McMahon was even a member of Trump's administration.

WWE tries to remain apolitical for the most part, however, and Ryker's actions have brought some negative attention to the company. His Forgotten Sons stable weren't even mentioned on the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, suggesting that the company is either disciplining the superstar or waiting until the situation blows over.

The Forgotten Sons gimmick might be too controversial given the current sociopolitical climate as well. Their characters are military veterans who have been shunned by society. Given that the National Guard has made headlines for polarizing reasons recently, the Forgotten Sons stable might not go down too well with viewers at the moment.

WrestlingNews.co highlights that Ryker can't be fired for exercising his freedom of speech, but it remains to be seen if his career will be affected as a result of this controversy. The company has a forgiving history when it comes to handling these matters, as evidenced by the decision to bring Hulk Hogan back into the fold following his racist outburst in 2015.