WWE News: ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Superstar Upset At Being Kept Off Television

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Mustafa Ali hasn’t appeared on WWE television in several months, and the time off appears to have upset the Friday Night SmackDown superstar. As documented by WrestleTalk, a fan on Twitter brought up how Ali must enjoy earning an easy paycheck without having to work for it. However, Ali had a different view on the matter.

“Yeah man. It’s real nice to be in your prime and wanting to use the exposure you get to bring light to serious topics, but instead forced to the sidelines for reasons beyond your control. Real nice to not be allowed to do what you’re passionate about.”

In recent days, Ali has used his social media platform to support Black Lives Matter and speak out against racism. His tweet suggested that he feels as if he’d be able to bring more light to these causes if he was a regular fixture on WWE television. However, his words also revealed that he misses being in the ring.

Ali has recovered from the injury that kept him out of action for months in 2019 and into this year. The circumstance “beyond [his] control” that he’s referring to is WWE management’s decision to keep him off television at the moment.

It’s not uncommon for injured superstars to be forced to wait on the sidelines even after they’ve recovered. WWE management tends to wait until they have creative plans for the superstars. At the time of this writing, there might not be a spot for Ali on the blue brand’s weekly show.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ali is suspected to be the mysterious hacker on Friday Night SmackDown. In recent months, the hacker has been using his talents to reveal the truth about certain superstars. He was responsible for showing Sonya Deville sabotaging Mandy Rose’s Valentine’s Day with Otis, for example. Perhaps Ali was teasing the character exposing more truths when he mentioned shedding a light on serious issues with his tweet.

Ali’s recent tweet suggested that WWE currently doesn’t have any storyline plans for the superstar, but he could also be trying to play down his return to keep the identity of his alleged hacker character more anonymous. It remains to be seen who the hacker is, but Ali seems like a strong contender.

Prior to his injury, Ali was a solid upper midcard superstar that the company seemed to be high on. It’s only a matter of time before he returns to television.