Donald Trump Taunted After Tweet About Washington D.C. Protest Crowd Size

Donald Trump tweeted his thanks to the forces guarding the White House in wake of the protests following George Floyd’s death and mentioned on Saturday that the crowd was smaller than expected. Several people took the opportunity to taunt the president about the size of his inauguration crowd, which is something many people said he lied about, as he’s often boasted about the number of those who gathered to watch him take office.

“Much smaller crowd in D.C. than anticipated. National Guard, Secret Service, and D.C. Police have been doing a fantastic job. Thank you!” tweeted the president.

The tweet received nearly 138,000 “likes” on the popular social media platform, and over 30,500 Twitter accounts retweeted the message. Plus, almost 30,000 users replied with a message for the president.

White House correspondent and political analyst Brian Karem retweeted President Trump’s tweet with a taunt attached.

“I don’t know @realDonaldTrump. I was also at your inauguration. This crowd is larger.”

Economist David Rothschild also composed two replies to Trump’s tweet dismissing the crowd sizes in D.C. on Saturday. He took the opportunity to get a dig in at the president about not only his inauguration crowd size but also his retreat inside the White House Saturday due to the protests.

“Haha, insecure wannabe authoritarian embarrassed that protests against him are way bigger than his sad little inauguration,” Rothschild tweeted. “Must be intimidating for someone who lives inside of a bunker to protect himself from The People, when so many of The People show up to protest him.”

A few Twitter users noted that if he thought the crowds were small, he might have been looking at the crowds from that day in January 2017 when Trump took his oath of office. They shared pictures and videos from today to show him the size of Saturday’s crowds in the nation’s capital.

Comedian and writer Nick Jack Pappas also replied with two comments. Pappas commented on Trump being in the underground bunker where he reportedly went earlier in the week among the protests, and several others who replied also alluded to or mentioned the shelter and used a hashtag about the bunker.

“One thing is pretty clear. There were a lot more people in D.C. today than there were at your inauguration,” taunted the comedian.

Some of those who replied also slammed the president because of the fencing that went up outside the White House as the protests in Washington D.C. continued.

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