A Recent Survey Narrows Down Which Grocery Stores Have Implemented The Most Safety Precautions Amid COVID-19

The recently updated Consumer Health & Safety Index features information from a research company named Ipsos Group that has looked into which grocery stores have made the most changes amid the COVID-19 pandemic and left the best impression on shoppers. Whole Foods, Costco and Trader Joe's are the three stores being applauded for their efforts to keep their staff and customers safe, according to Today.

As the country begins to slowly transition to a new normal amid the pandemic, many businesses are looking into ways to allow customers to shop while still ensuring social distancing as encouraged by health officials. In places like grocery stores where there are usually many people roaming about, touching things, and likely coming into contact with one another, this can be a challenge.

In an effort to see which stores were doing the best job, Ipsos Group interviewed 2,000 Americans to see what safety measures were especially important to them when it comes to grocery shopping. They found that for many shoppers, it was important that social distance markings are used, that the employees wear face coverings, and that surfaces are sanitized often. From there, Ipsos Group looked into a variety of different grocery stores to determine which ones were implementing these measures.

Whole Foods is currently coming out on top for the number of safety precautions they have implemented. Within the survey, they were deemed the "health and safety all-star".

At Whole Foods, it was determined that the vast majority of employees did in fact wear face coverings and nearly all customers practiced social distancing. Surfaces were being cleaned frequently and a plexiglass divider set up at registers helped further provide distance.

Second place went to Costco, where these same safety measures were being implemented but not quite to the same level. Finally, in third place was Trader Joe's. They were praised within the survey for their "consistency and attention to the most important health and safety factors to consumers."

Nick Mercurio, the executive vice president and head of U.S. channel performance at Ipsos, emphasized that to customers, safety is everything right now.

"The ability to deliver on health and safety efforts is now the most important aspect of the customer experience, and it will be for some time," he said.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, grocery store employees have been hailed as heroes in recent months for putting their lives on the line to ensure shelves stay stocked. Some grocery stores, such as Kroger, are awarding their employees with "thank you" pay for their work.