June 7, 2020
Avital Cohen Slips Off Pink Mini Dress To Reveal Thong Bikini

On Saturday, fitness model Avital Cohen tantalized her 1.8 million Instagram followers with a steamy new video that showed her stripping down to show off her skimpy bikini.

The social media sensation was shown wearing a blush pink mini dress at the beginning of the video, which was a promo for Bang Energy drink. The garment was constructed out of thin, stretchy fabric that clung to Avital's every curve. The bodycon dress also had a curved, high hemline that barely covered up her peachy backside. Sexy side slits exposed even more skin, highlighting the fitness enthusiast's powerful thighs. The dress also featured a strip of material that curved around Avital's neck. The long ends of the fabric band hung down from her shoulders in the back.

Avital wore her waist-length brunette hair down. She was filmed from the back as she stood in front of a round mirror in her bathroom. The model's reflection was visible as she applied dark red lipstick on her plump pout. Avital's mirror was hanging over a stylish round vessel sink.

The camera followed the model as she walked to her patio door. She briefly paused and turned to give her viewers a flirty smile before exiting her abode and approaching the edge of her pool. Avital stood with her back to the camera as she peeled off her form-fitting dress. When she began lifting the skirt up, she revealed that she was wearing a hot pink bikini underneath the garment.

Avital's bottoms had a thong back that did not leave much to the imagination. Her bathing suit top had string ties in the back and thick shoulder straps that were embellished with silver squares and glittering crystals.

The model was shown crouched down on the wooden deck beside her pool. She took a few sips from a can of her energy drink before teasingly tossing her hair and leaning back on her arms to provide a better view of her body, including her ample cleavage and toned midsection. She gave the camera a huge smile as she posed. In another shot, Avital sat on the edge of the pool and playfully kicked her feet in the water.

Avital's video received a ton of attention from her appreciative fans, who have pressed the "like" button on her post over 17,000 times since it was initially shared. Her Instagram followers also expressed their admiration in the comments section.

"Goddess of a woman, love you so much," one devotee wrote.

"My motivation to workout today," another remark read.

"Beauty in all its splendor!!!" gushed a third admirer.

Avital doesn't have to be moving to amaze her fans. Her Instagram followers seemed equally as thrilled by a still photo of the model rocking a plaid bikini.