Kaia Gerber Gets Political On Instagram, Talks About Voting For The First Time

Model and actress Kaia Gerber -- daughter of legendary model Cindy Crawford -- got political on Instagram this week, using her platform to raise awareness around racial inequality in the U.S. On Saturday, she shared her thoughts about the importance of voting for the first time in 2020. Gerber turned 18 last September, which means November will be the first time that she can cast her vote for president.

Gerber posted a series of pictures from various protests, which appeared to be fairly old images, possibly from the Civil Rights marches of the 1960s. The first picture was of two African American teenagers marching in a demonstration. They were holding a sign that read "We are somebody." The second picture showed people protesting from their cars, blocking traffic. The third photo captured a group of African Americans organizing voter registration. The last image was a QR code that led to the site of an organization called Vote Save America.

The caption on the post was a lengthy one, detailing how young voters can get involved in the 2020 election and fight for voting rights. Gerber started the caption by saying that she understood the obligations that come with voting, especially in such an important election. She went on to say that she's been taking the time to educate herself on the election process, voting rights, and the issues facing voters in America.

Gerber continued the post by listing three organizations that she's working with this election season. She said that the Alliance for Youth Action, Fair Fight, and Vote Save America all have missions that she believes in, and she gave a brief summary of what each organization does. Gerber tagged Stacey Abrams in the post as well, saying that Fair Fight is the initiative Abrams started to advocate for voting rights and fighting against voter suppression.

This isn't the first time that Gerber has gotten political. In fact, she's been very vocal about Black Lives Matter and police brutality on her social media for the past week or so. Her Instagram account -- which is usually full of glamour shots, selfies, and bikini pics -- was flooded with images of people protesting and educational resources about race relations in America. Gerber also used her enormous Instagram following to provide a platform for activists to speak.

According to the Daily Mail, she also attended a Black Lives Matter protest in L.A. with friend and fellow model Cara Delevingne. The two joined thousands of other protesters outside Los Angeles City Hall on Wednesday. In pictures from the protest, Delevingne and Gerber were seen with their arms around each other's shoulders, with fists raised in the air, apparently chanting.