Bruna Rangel Lima Tugs On Her Pants In Sultry New Video

Model Bruna Rangel Lima took to her Instagram story on Saturday, June 6, sharing a seductive video of herself with her 4.1 million followers.

Bruna appeared in front of a full-length mirror in the footage as she showed off her fit body. She wore a sleeveless crop top that boasted a dark neckline and displayed her sculpted arms. The shirt had an abstract pattern, boasting splashes of red, blue, and black hues. It was emblazoned with a large white design on the chest.

Though the top was modest in its neckline, Bruna's bust was still on full display, the fabric stretching across her chest. The shirt ended just below her bust, which flaunted her tanned, taut midriff and enviable abs.

She paired the garment with skintight, heather gray leggings with a waistband that rode either high or low on her stomach, depending on how she pulled on the fabric. The pants showcased her hourglass figure and fit physique.

Bruna began the clip by facing the mirror directly. She tugged low on the waistband of the leggings, teasing her fans. She then pulled on the side of the pants and fixed them above her navel. She turned to the side. As she posed from this angle, followers could see how the bottoms curved tightly around her curvaceous derriere.

She seemed to have shot the clip in her kitchen, as a large silver refrigerator appeared in the background.

Bruna wore her long, blond locks loose and flowing down her back. Her pin-straight strands started out dark at the roots before transitioning into a more platinum shade.

Though her face was mostly hidden by her cell phone, her followers caught a glimpse of her makeup application when she shifted her pose to the side. Her brown brows arched high over her eyes, and she appeared to wear mascara on her lashes.

The model used the "GOOD TIMES / KIRA" Instagram filter, which smoothed out her complexion and made her already bronzed skin look even more tanned. The background sparkled with the effect.

As The Inquisitr readers and Bruna Rangel Lima fans know, this is just one of the latest videos the model has shared on her Instagram story.

Earlier, she posted several clips of herself sporting a snakeskin-print top on a night out. The teeny shirt, which looked almost like a bikini top, showcased her buxom bust and ample cleavage.

Prior to those videos, Bruna rocked a skimpy set of pajamas that flaunted her bottom.