Bruna Rangel Lima Rocks A Tiny Snakeskin Top

Bruna Rangel Lima took to her Instagram story to reveal one of her latest outfits, a sexy number that showed off some serious skin. The Instagram model shared several clips of her ensemble — as well as her night out on the town — on Friday, June 5.

First, Bruna held her phone up to a mirror, showing off her full outfit. She rocked a teeny, snakeskin-print top that was close to being nothing but a bikini top. The garment featured strings that tied around her neck in a halter. It boasted gray-and-black, diamond-shaped cups that emphasized her voluptuous bust and ample cleavage. A belt of fabric circled its way around her midriff, which drew attention to her sculpted stomach and enviable abs.

She paired the top with skintight black jeans that sat on her waist, obscuring her belly button. The high-waisted pants curved around her derriere and showcased her hourglass figure and fit physique.

She wore a black Louis Vuitton purse, its silver chain hooked around her shoulder.

She appeared to be in her kitchen. "Murder She Wrote" by Chaka Demus and Pliers blasted in the background.

In this video, Bruna used the "TAN & TIFFANY" filter, an effect that smoothed her skin and made her sun-kissed complexion look even more tanned.

A second clip featured the model doing a selfie. She used her front-facing camera to capture the footage, which featured her panning over her outfit and giving her 4.1 million followers a closer look at the ensemble, particularly the top. Her cleavage was prominent and appeared to take center stage in the video.

For this shot, Bruna utilized the "coconut" Instagram effect, which once again made her skin look bronzed. It also added small white flecks to the footage.

In both clips, Bruna played with her long, blond hair, raking her fingers through her strands seductively.

As for her makeup, the model's lashes seemed to be coated with black mascara. They fanned outwards and curled upwards. It looked as if she wore black liner swiped across her lids and in her waterline. She appeared to wear a peachy pink gloss on her lips.

Bruna's Instagram story has been chock-full of sultry snaps of the model as of late. Just recently, she shared several videos of herself scantily clad in skimpy pajamas emblazoned with different kinds of fruit. In one of those clips, Bruna stood in front of the mirror and turned to the side, showing off her booty, which was barely covered by the tiny bottoms.