Kayla Moody Lets It All Hang Out In Barely-There Denim Coveralls

Kayla Moody takes a selfie
Kayla Moody / Instagram

Blond model Kayla Moody flaunted her bombshell body in a sexy new Instagram snap that left nothing to the imagination. She uploaded her latest pic to her social media page on Saturday afternoon, sending her 814,000 followers into a frenzy. Yesterday, she shared a salacious video clip that appeared to be from the same photo shoot.

The stunner sat on what looked like a large yellow tractor. Kayla wore nothing beneath her skimpy coveralls and unhooked the right side, letting the fabric fall down her body, leaving her expanse of toned, tanned skin plenty visible to her admirers. The left shoulder strap remained attached to the rest of the outfit, but just barely. Everything from her collar to just below her navel was on display.

Her breasts were completely on display, giving her audience a great look at her curvy bust and cleavage. By carefully maneuvering the shoulder straps across her breasts, Kayla managed to censor her nipples partially, but not much, they could still be partly seen.

One hand was out of frame, hidden behind the side of the machinery, but the other settled on her thigh, drawing the eye to her slender legs.

Since her provocative attire was such a statement on its own, Kayla kept her makeup and hair relatively simple. She added to the overall sex kitten look by tousling her long blond locks and letting them hang like a curtain over her face. Her tendrils tickled the space between her breasts.

As for her makeup, in the picture, Kayla kept her lids closed, and her lips slightly parted to create a sensual facial expression. It appeared that she had applied mascara and eyeliner along with pink lipstick. As a final touch, it seemed like she used foundation and bronzer to sculpt her features.

She added to the overall flirtatious image with a cheeky caption.

“Who thinks I can operate heavy machinery?” she wrote alongside a winking emoji.

Kayla’s post quickly garnered over 9,200 likes and more than 270 comments. Fans flocked to her comments section to shower her in praise and express their gratitude to the beauty for sharing such a gorgeous image.

“Hope you don’t mind me saying. But you are so, so sexy,” gushed one devotee, emphasizing their point with two flame emoji and two red heart emoji.

“Nothing beats a farmer’s daughter, absolutely gorgeous,” said another.

“Looking as gorgeous as you do you can achieve anything in my eyes,” chimed in a third fan.

“Oh I say you can handle it very well,” said a fourth person.

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