Katelyn Runck Shows Off Some Skin In A Cut-Out Blue Dress

Instagram fitness model Katelyn Runck wowed her 2.1 million followers with her latest Instagram story, posing in a navy blue dress that showcased her ample assets. She shared the sultry clip on Friday, June 5.

The long-sleeved frock featured an open panel down the center of the garment, as well a horizontal one that appeared under her chest. Both panels boasted a criss-cross design that left little to the imagination, as they showed off Katelyn's sun-kissed skin.

Katelyn's bust was barely contained by the midnight blue ensemble, which ended just above her knees. Her voluptuous chest was on full display, particularly because the model opted to go braless underneath the dress. Fans caught a glimpse of her underboob as well, which peeked out in the cut-out sections of the frock.

She completed the outfit with sand-colored suede sandals.

In the video, she looked directly at the camera at first glance, tilting her body sideways. She ran her fingers through her dark, brunette locks, twisting her strands and putting her hair up in a high topknot with just her hands. She arched her head back, closing her eyes in a seductive pose. She then let her tresses fall out of the updo, cascading over one shoulder in a dramatic fashion.

She once again raked her fingers through her hair, flipping her locks over her head and to the other side of her face. Her tresses were deeply parted.

At the end of the clip, she strutted closer to the camera before the video ended abruptly.

She appeared to be in the lobby of a building with a table of white flowers in bouquets behind her.

Katelyn finished the look with light makeup on her face.

Her brown brows appeared to be groomed and shaped. They arched over her honey-brown eyes. It looked as if she wore a swipe of heavy black eyeliner on her lids. Her lashes seemed to fan out and curl upwards.

The apples of her cheeks appeared to be brushed with bronzer and highlighter, making her cheekbones pop. Her lips seemed to be filled with a pink gloss.

This is just one of the latest videos on Katelyn Runk's Instagram story. Previously, she shared a Boomerang clip of herself modeling a different outfit, though she seemed to be in the same apartment complex. That time, she wore a tiny crop top with gray camouflage pants. The ensemble showed off her famously fit physique and enviable abs.