Mariana Morais, Abby Rao, & Kinsey Wolanski Shake Their Stuff In A Group TikTok Video & Tease ‘Wait For It’

Mariana Morais snaps a selfie
Mariana Morais / Instagram

Social media starlets Mariana Morais, Kinsey Wolanski, and Abby Rao worked together to do a short dance clip for TikTok and they generated a lot of heat with this one. The threesome did a short dance to the popular song “Cono,” and as Mariana teased, fans got a bit of a treat at the end.

The new clip was shared on Mariana’s TikTok page on Friday. Fans who follow the individual social media accounts of any of these three ladies know that they are virtually inseparable these days and they synced things up well for their quick take on this often-used TikTok song.

As the clip began, Marianna was slightly in front of Kinsey, and Abby was in the back. They danced from the side into the frame of the camera and started to shake their stuff. Marianna wore a blue workout bra along with matching workout shorts, flaunting her chiseled abs and long, lean legs.

Kinsey kept things simple. She wore just an oversized Nirvana T-shirt, and it wasn’t entirely clear whether she had shorts on underneath the shirt or just panties. Abby also went with workout gear, choosing long grey leggings and a long-sleeved grey crop top.

Both Abby and Kinsey had their blond hair pulled back away from their face. Mariana, on the other hand, kept her blond hair loose. The three ladies appeared to have perhaps some makeup on, but nothing particularly elaborate or noticeable.


The three ladies did some fairly standard moves as the song began. However, the caption teased that fans should wait for it and the dance routine soon took a little turn. By the time the clip finished, it had become clear why Mariana suggested that people not swipe on to any other TikTok posts too quickly.

Right before the video ended, all three women turned and shook their booties for the big finish. Abby seemed a little less enthusiastic about this performance than Kinsey and Mariana did, but it looked like the trio’s fans were thrilled regardless.

In less than 18 hours, the clip had already been viewed more than 1 million times. In addition, the clip had 95,000 likes and almost 450 comments.

“The most talented tik tokers period,” one fan declared.

“Well I’m dead and now know there is a heaven,” a follower praised.

“U guys r such a vibe,” another fan wrote.

“Haha haha YASS QUEENS!!!” someone else teased.

The Brazilian social media star has been keeping her fans updated with regular posts on both Instagram and TikTok over the past few months. Mariana has clearly grown quite close to Abby and Kinsey during this quarantine period and people can’t seem to get enough of the trio doing videos together.