Fox Sports Host Holly Sonders Goes Braless In A Bathroom & Tells Fans To Look Up 'Cotton-Eyed Joe' Meaning

Treva Bowdoin

Fox Sports host Holly Sonders showed off an eyeful of cleavage on her Instagram account on Saturday. She also sparked a discussion about the lyrics of a popular dance song.

Holly's photo was snapped inside a lavish bathroom. She wore an oversized black blazer with two buttons in the front. The garment was long with a bottom hem that likely hit somewhere below the knee. However, Holly was in a seated position, making it difficult to determine the blazer's exact length.

Holly wore the coat buttoned up, but the lapels were so far apart that she was exposing a tantalizing amount of her bra-free cleavage. She was perched on the edge of a sink with her bare feet resting on the side of a bathtub. Her long legs were bare, and the opening below her blazer's bottom button left much of her shapely thighs uncovered.

Holly's long, brunette hair cascaded over her left shoulder in loose, glossy waves. Her glamorous makeup application appeared to include a sultry smokey eye with slightly smudged winged eyeliner. Her dark eyelashes looked curled, and her full lips were a neutral pink color.

Holly posed with her face turned to the side, and she didn't look at the camera. She touched the side of her face with her right hand and grasped the edge of the counter with her left. Her lips were parted, and her facial expression looked somewhat pensive.

The bathroom her photo shoot took place in featured a beige color scheme and a baroque aesthetic. A floral mosaic decorated the wall above the bathtub, and an ornate gold lamp sconce was attached to the gold-framed mirror behind Holly. The sink countertop appeared to be granite.

In the caption of her post, the former Golf Channel star encouraged her fans to look up the meaning of the song "Cotton-Eyed Joe."

"It's about the swab test used to diagnose STDs," Holly wrote.

A few of Holly's followers also referenced her recent interview about her relationship with her fiance Dave Oancea, who goes by the nickname "Vegas Dave." Many of Holly's fans are critical of her partner and seem to believe that her romance with Dave won't last. One Instagram commenter noticed that Holly was wearing her engagement ring in her bathroom photo and inquired about its absence in previous snapshots.

"I notice your ring is back on? Still no explanation as to why you two unfollowed each other, you took your ring off and separated for a couple weeks?" the fan wrote.

"I only wear my ring a few days a month," Holly explained. "And definitely don't bring it when we travel. We are very casual."